VR Invaders - VR Game for Android/IOS

Inspired by the classic game, VR invaders can be played in either VR (Virtual Reality) or Gesture mode.

This VR game is highly addictive as you battle to defend your ship against the 3D invaders.

Can you make it onto the top 10 global leader board? Compete with other players from around the world and share your high score to our live leader board or on social media.

Each player has the option to purchase powers up which include:

x3 Extra Lives

x3 Smart Bombs (Each bomb automatically detonates on a wave near your ship)

x3 Double shots (This power up give you twice the bullets for one level)

x3 Shields (Each shield protects you from bombs for 30 seconds)

The further you enter into this VR game, the faster it becomes making it harder to keep your ship safe. Each level features waves of VR Invaders which will fire bombs in your direction as you try to kill them.

VR Game Mode: Simply place your device into your VR headset and the game will begin. Move your head left or right to control your ship. Bullets will begin to fire automatically.

Gesture mode: Use your thumb or finger to navigate around the environment and remember, waves of VR invaders can appear anywhere within the 360 environments.


Tapping on your ship will make the bullets fire quicker.

Android Download Link: ----> https://goo.gl/QywSUL

IOS Dowload Link: ----> https://goo.gl/GtnD6z 


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